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Welcome to Studio Barbaar,

the creative forge of Bruno de Vos, where innovative ideas transform into breathtaking virtual realities and augmented experiences.


Specializing in Creative Direction and Concept Development, I, Bruno, am your architect in the digital realm. From the seed of an idea through to the final pixel, I guide projects with precision and a visionary approach, ensuring every aspect is meticulously crafted and resonant with its intended audience.


At Studio Barbaar, your vision undergoes a metamorphosis, evolving through brainstorming sessions into detailed concepts, storyboards, and well-documented plans that breathe life into each project. Whether integrating with your existing team or assembling a group of skilled professionals, I am here to translate your ideas into spectacular digital applications. Let's create worlds that mesmerize and innovate, together.


City Link | Applied Game

Clients | Ijsfontein & KPN

Het Waterschild | Educational Animation

Clients | Ijsfontein & Muiderslot

Life Trek | Applied Game

Clients | &Ranj

OC | Educational Animation

Clients | Ijsfontein & Ontwikkelcentrum

Knowledge Knock-Out | Serious Game

Clients | &Ranj

Kick-Ass | Serious Game

Clients | &Ranj

Comparex | AR Introduction

Clients | InSpark & Comparex

Food is Magic | Educational Exhibition

Clients | Ijsfontein & Zaans Museum

Studio Barbaar's preferred workflow is agile. 

 We split the product development process into small, manageable development cycles called sprints. As we're breaking down our project into these sprints, we can incorporate user feedback at the end of each cycle.


By doing this, we're actively involving the client in the development process instead of assuming what they want. This is an ideal workflow for projects that depend on user feedback such as research and interventions.





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